Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Web Desgin workshop Ends

After four weeks' web design workshop, I have made a website of my own, the address is as follow:

Actrually I had some experiences on web design some years ago, and this is a website that I made for a small company in China, it is billingual:

In my opinion, web design is a basic abillity to a graphic designer however, it is hard to a graphic designer without any training on it because of the large amount of programme language such as

Vbasic, html, JAVA etc needed. Not the same as Photoshop or InDesign, using the Dreamweaver will raise a lot of problems in graphic design process, It is not a "what you see what you get" software.

Except this, FTP technology is another problem to the designer. All these studies have to be done before making my final production (my website) and upload it to the Internet.

And it is really interesting.

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